6 Ways Music Lovers and Artists Earn Money Online

6 Ways Music Lovers and Artists Earn Money Online

June 9, 2020 87 By mindmingles

Music is the best discovery by humankind. We are indebted to nature for bestowing us with the blessing through music. Music is nature, and life is music. The melody from the choir cuckoo to a locust to an ocean tide; all are an excellent composition of Mother Nature as a gift to us. Here are six ways music lovers and artists earn money online.

Talking about human civilization, music is an excellent reflector of a culture that we have evolved over the centuries.

Every culture has its customized genre of music that has been developed, modified, and transferred to its heirs for the preservation of its integrity. Folk musicians, choir groups and instrumentalists are still using their old music from generations over generations in the form of ballads and songs to reflect the way of living to the public with the help of moral stories of great warriors, notorious kings, and queens, battles, literature, romances, etc.

The journey of music evolution is an exciting story in itself. Talking about the great musicians from the 20th century like Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams, The Beatles and Michael Jackson to 21st century’s Beyonce, Maroon 5, Eminem, AR Rahman, etc. has a significant contribution in the music industry for bringing up the best compositions. 

Their contribution has reflected a substantial change in taste preference of the generation over the period for music. The evolution of music from pure instrumental, folk, jazz, and dramatic music to modern electronic music such as EDMs, remixes, DJ music, concerts, and streams has contemplated the evolution in the culture of the 21st century’s generation.

As we are living in an era of technological advancement in every sector of the society, the music industry is not that behind to use its hand over the advancing technology. 

Now, there are more and better options for music artists and lovers to get up on their feet and create something innovative and more soothing for the ears of millions of listeners. 

Achieving the dream of being a famous rock star or an inspired musician by any music lover was not that easy until the past decade. But now anybody with enough zeal, passion, and a handful of technical skills can do wonders in the real world. Here are the best six ways that can make this reverie of any music lover or artists earn money online with the help of the internet:

1. Online social media platform:

Well, we all are having access to social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. The best way one could start one’s music business, creating an account and uploading one’s creation in the form of videos or audio files. This is one of the best and most affordable ways to get on the business. 

All you need is a big loyal subscriber base and a lot of viewers who are willing to welcome your efforts and creativity. Calvin Harris, Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes, and Indian artists, including Shirley Setia, Sanam Puri, and Vidya. They all started from scratch and are now making a good fortune through online social media platforms.

2. Online Streaming:

If you feel uncomfortable with showing up in front of the camera, then there is another online platform equally reliable as any social media platform called online streaming. Music platforms liked iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music are widely used streaming platforms where an artist can provide the end-user with direct music compositions. 

According to a few sources, Spotify provides the artists with an average per-stream payout between $0.006 to 0.0084. Not only this, artists can earn money online just by downloading the apps by PrizeHog, isn’t it like getting paid for doing nothing? Well, who would say no to it?

3. Online Merchandising and Licensing:

Merchandising is the favorite technique to become famous by many artists. The better retail options that lead to totally customized products and goodies by the famous artist as an offering have a high tendency to attract the public to buy his/her music. Shirts, posters, backpacks, key chains, and many more with cool logos and color themes by the famous rock star is the best way of alluring the fan base despite their age group. One can use online platforms for merchandising to promote one’s music brand. 

A few clicks on links that can directly lead to the website of any artist with attractive offers can make that artist fortunate with less hassle. Though, this method is quite an expensive one to the other two ways that have already been discussed. Also, with an approved licensing, one can charge money from people for using one’s creation.

4. Online pedagogy and tutorials:

If one wants to pursue one’s career as a tutor or instructor, one can use online teaching platforms like YouTube and Udemy, where one can upload videos related to the subject and can charge money from the subscribers who are willing to learn music from basics.

5. E- concerts:

This is a new trend in the music industry where the original artists create new remixes of their creations or from already available music libraries and perform online concerts with the help of platforms like Stagiet and Concert Window. Some artists also go for privately-held Skype shows.

6. Customized lyricists and music creators:

This is also a very innovative idea where an artist can send customized lyrics and songs in the form of videos or audio files to his/her customer. This is the best option for artists who find music as their hobby and love to earn tiny bit tips from their friends and relatives. 

Besides this, if someone seriously wants to pursue one’s career as a private artist, then with online individual chat platforms, it can share one’s creativity that is customized as per the customer’s demand and can charge money accordingly.

Well, that’s all about the different ways of earning money online. But there are essential factors also which makes this dream possible: passion, diligence, persistence, and hard work. A great musician Bob Marley had quoted, “When one door is closed, don’t you know that many more are open.” I hope you find your door as well.