How Did Karina More, a Natural Beauty Expert From Ukraine, Create a Huge Natural Beauty Community?

How Did Karina More, a Natural Beauty Expert From Ukraine, Create a Huge Natural Beauty Community?

May 25, 2022 457 By sophia cook


Karina More (Karyna Trygubchak)

1.3 mln Instagram followers

Natural Beauty Expert

The Road From Instagram Blogger To Natural Beauty Guru

The heroine of today’s story, Karina More (Karyna Trygubchak), has made a truly remarkable professional journey, from being a classic Instagram influencer to becoming a fantastic natural beauty cosmetology expert with a huge (1 mln+) international community of followers and students. 

Karina started a blog on Instagram in 2019 to share beautiful lifestyle photos from her travels and exciting moments in life. The beauty expert gained her first few thousand followers fairly quickly. 

Very soon, her followers began to note one surprising thing: Karina looks fantastic, does not age at all, uses little to no makeup, and yet does not use the services of Botox cosmetologists or plastic surgeons. With each of her posted photos, users increasingly asked Karina to reveal the secret of her natural beauty.

So, in September 2020, Karina began revealing her secrets of working on natural beauty with face building techniques and sharing her experience with her first students. 

A Scientific Approach and Unique Face Building Technique

Karina More’s facial techniques combine elements of facial massage, special exercises to relax the chewing muscles, work with posture, skin turgor, and the use of gadgets for further blood circulation stimulation (beauty rollers and Gua Sha stones). 

Karina’s unique method was not formed by chance: it uses only exercises with scientifically-proven effectiveness. Due to the stable international trend toward enhancing natural beauty and maintaining youthfulness, more and more research groups have begun to explore non-invasive rejuvenation techniques in depth over the past few years. One of the most revealing studies on which Karina’s face building technology is based is the work of Japanese scientists, “Analysis of morphological changes after facial massage by a novel approach using three-dimensional computed tomography.” The research proves not only the visual cosmetic effect of facial massage but also its positive impact on facial muscles and anatomical changes in subcutaneous structures. 

What demonstrates the remarkable effectiveness of Karina’s technique of rejuvenation even more is the results of thousands of Karina’s students who have passed her Face Building marathon. It’s impossible not to be impressed with the visible results after just two weeks of practice! 




You can find more before/after photos on Karina’s Instagram page.

Face Cupping Secrets 

A separate area of Karina’s work is teaching Face Cupping practices. Face Cupping is a therapy that gradually improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body, and boosts collagen fibers. It’s a non-invasive and natural method of treatment that’s been used for centuries. It’s also a great way to relax and relieve stress. Karina offers her students a challenge that involves a modern rethinking of this facial transformation technique. 

Passing on Expertise To Future Generations

The next important step in Karina’s life is the creation of her book “Nature Beauty,” in which she collected all the most effective physical and psychological practices that lead her students to ideal beauty results. 

The book was published in a hurry at a sorrowful time: Karina and her son found themselves in the position of refugees, fleeing the war unleashed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. That is why Karina and her team decided to publish the book in PDF format and not put a final price on it. By purchasing this book, you will be able to support refugees from Ukraine and help them survive this terrible time.

Natural Beauty Saves the World

The trend for natural beauty today is absolutely captivating: after all, it represents not only rosy skin and a young face but the absolute acceptance of oneself as a person, the love of self, and self-care, transforming the beauty routine into a real ritual of psychological self-acceptance. 

Today, Karina More (Karyna Trygubchak) is one of the leading influencers who helps people from all over the world to really join the community of beautiful, self-accepting people. The ultimate concept of Karina More’s community is based on the principle that everyone can achieve the beauty they deserve without painful, invasive procedures, fillers, or plastic surgery. Using her educational materials, you’ll get natural and safe methods to help you look and feel your best.