Is there any impact of coronavirus on heart?

Is there any impact of coronavirus on heart?

April 14, 2020 9 By Buy On Social

You certainly know that the Nobel coronavirus is known to affect the lungs. But the battle doesn’t end there. There is another important part of the body that attacks the coronavirus. This is not always the case, but occurs 1 in 5 cases in which the coronavirus infected patient develops heart problems. Among these people with heart problems, some already had some complete ailments for some, the problem was new. Therefore, it is important to know what the heart pandemic really does.

There are some cardiologists who claim that heart ailments can arise due to the lack of oxygen supply by the lungs. We must keep in mind that every time a person is infected with a virus, the chances of heart disease increase. A study also showed that when a person is infected with the flu virus, the chances of having a heart attack increase 6 times. This study shows that people who experience heart disease while infected with the coronavirus can be a general case like other viruses. But for those who had never had a heart condition, but suddenly after the infection, ailments occurred, it was difficult to study the characteristics of the virus.

Wuhan’s doctors also said that heart ailments are not common in mild cases of COVID-19, but are more frequent in those with severe and hospitalized symptoms. You should also keep in mind that there is little chance of having signs like Beck’s triad.

How does the virus impact the human heart?

Coronavirus mainly affects the lungs. This is what we all know. But the virus also circulates through the bloodstream. This increases the chance that the virus also invades other organs in the body. But experts also claim that if the heart is swollen and damaged by the virus, the heart may not work. This raises another question in our minds whether the virus indirectly affects our heart causing disturbances. Experts say there is a possibility that the virus may indirectly affect the heart and cause heart disease in infected people.

Experts also affirm the relationship with heart disease patients with COVID-19. Doctors say cardiac patients are more likely to develop severe symptoms of the virus. In addition, cardiac patients reported an increased risk of coronavirus mortality. For more information on possible effects, you can refer to mbbs pdf books for more information.


While we explain two cases where the virus can infect the heart, there are two ways to treat the virus against heart disease. The first case occurs when the virus is likely to target the heart directly. If the virus is found to directly affect the heart, then antiviral drugs are preferred. But if the virus indirectly affects the heart and causes heart disease, another method will be applied. In this case, the body’s immune system can be responsible for causing various heart ailments. In this case, it may be necessary to provide immunosuppressant drugs to patients. This will help prevent heart disease that the virus indirectly causes through our immune system.

So in order to conclude, on the basis of analysis by experts the effect of coronavirus on the heart is more likely to occur indirectly. This is to say that the coronavirus may damage the lungs and the improper functioning of lungs may result in causing various heart disorders. Along with including the relation between the coronal virus and heart disorders, we have also included the possible solutions if heart disorders arise due to coronavirus. You must also keep in mind that the patient having any history of heart disorders are more likely to get affected. Also, heart disorders are mainly seen in patients showing severe symptoms of corona.