How To Organize Kids’ Room

How To Organize Kids’ Room

November 18, 2020 12 By mindmingles

Toys scattered everywhere, clothes lying on the floor, and wrappers of chocolates, chips, and toffees. This is so typical of kids’ room, isn’t it? If you cannot stand this sight, then you are looking for kids’ room organization ideas. With so much to do, where do you start? Here are a few ways to organize kids room.

Tips to organize kids room

There is a lot of stuff in kids’ rooms. So you want to do one task at a time. One day clear the drawers. On another day, sort through their books. Then it’s time to organize their closets.  It is better to involve kids in their room organizing project. Once you finish organzing you should spend the necessary time deep clean the area. This could be done yourself or by calling professionals such as Tucson maids a professional Tucson maid service

What to do

The first step starts with decluttering your child’s room. What’s most important that the kids cannot do without? Get rid of all unnecessary stuff, from clothes to toys. Better still, donate what’s not needed. De-cluttering is the first step to clear the kid’s room.

Separate their clothes with baskets. Keep their dresser draws well organized with baskets or containers. What’s more, they can easily put away their washed clothes when they know where each type of cloth is meant for. Place baskets to separate different types of clothing, such as pajamas, undergarments, pants, and swimsuits.

 Involving kids in arranging their dresser should keep them organized. In fact, when they arrange their dresser draws, they are less likely to spoil them. If they do, they will be happy to arrange it again.


The kids’ closets might be overflowing with lots of items. So you want to empty the closets to make sorting easier. The simplest way to stay organized is to downsize so you have fewer things to deal with. You may want to start with getting rid of old clothes, toys, and books that are no longer in use.

Sort everything into piles – keep, donate, and store. This will make your project to organize kids room easier.

Clean toys

When you are looking for ways as to how to organize kids room, you want to make sure that you begin with cleaning their favorite toys. Clean hard toys, such as plastic, in a dishwasher or by hand. It is important to use hot water to disinfect the toys. Check the water temperature or dryer setting before washing toys in the washing machine. Let the toys sit in a combination of bleach and vinegar for five minutes before rinsing and air drying them.

Avoid washing plastic and plush toys together. 

Vinegar can be used to clean wooden toys. Spray the water and white vinegar solution on dirty toys. Wipe clean after 15 minutes.

Clean electronics, such as tablets, with rubbing alcohol. Disinfect them thoroughly with a swab of rubbing alcohol to remove any germs, dirt, and grime. 

Assign space for books

Books are an important part of a child’s life. So make it a point to keep special space for books in their room as a constant reminder of their importance. 

Hang a book sling next to their bed to make it easier for your child to access their favorite books.

Stay Sane With Storage 

When it comes to kids’ room organization, it is a good idea to label baskets and bins to make sorting and organizing easier. Keep a separate container or storage for art supplies, toys, and legos.

Add some fun wall hooks to keep bags, jackets, and umbrellas within easy reach. This is a good way to get kids in the habit of hanging their stuff without throwing them everywhere in the room. 

Give them a drawer or two to store their little treasures. Let them clear it up once a month and throw away the clutter.

Add extra hooks

Kids room organizing becomes easier by adding extra hooks at the back of each door in a small apartment. This is where they can hang their backpacks. 

Keep a garbage bin

Placing a trash can in kids’ room is a constant reminder for them to throw away the trash instead of scattering it here and there. It will help them learn a life’s lesson gradually to keep clutter away.

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