How to improve your Skills and Life

How to improve your Skills and Life

May 26, 2018 2 By Buy On Social

Have you heard of the 10,000 hour rule which is supposedly considered an optimal time to master any skill? You really think one would need to devote this much time to learn a skill to perfection?

Well, it is the time that we redefine this rule and come out with our own observations.

At Mind valley academy we are teaching our students that it is not about the time that one spends on mastering a skill but the consistency. One has to be perseverant with his practice in order to win over the Skills and Life. You can spend as much as an hour a week and learn the skill with all its perfection.

Let us tell you about a few steps that will help you in improving your skills and thus gaining a better life thereby:

  • Plan out your time:

Being in a job or a career can take a lot of your time leaving you with very little to think about. But you need to take out some time and plan out the things so that you can decide when and how do you want to learn the skill. As we mentioned above the consistency is the main idea and not the number of hours you devote on a subject or skill.

  • Where do you see yourself:

Before you start investing your useful time and efforts to something always foresee its future that where will you end up after learning it. Skills and life have to be interrelated for the betterment of the later. The utility of the skills should be to enhance the quality of life in future.  It should provide you with all adequate amount of flexibility that is needed to find time for other things in life that make you happy. If there will always be something at the back of your mind making you unhappy, you will not be able to enjoy life and the art of mastery as well.

  • Work on your strengths:

People often waste a lot of time in trying to improve their shortcomings or weaknesses. However, we advocate otherwise! Instead of wasting time in what you are not good at we should focus on what is your forte. Learning a thing from the scratch will require double or triple the time and efforts than working up on something that you have already learned and excelled. You will be able to use your full potential while working on this aspect.

  • Learn from other’s experiences:

We hesitate to talk to other people about their experiences because of our hesitation and ego. But there can be no good stepping stone than learning from the mistakes and experiences of the others. Try to talk to people about their experiences on skills and life and learn from them. Many of them will not only be willing to provide you with some useful guidance but also give you idea of what should not be done to work in the direction of improvement of your skills. Your friends and family can be the real support that you have always looked upto!

  • Research well:

Make Google your best friend while learning the ways on improvement of Skills and Life. Doing proper research is very important before you put your hands on something. You will learn what steps are needed to be taken when you want to learn a new skill.