[Exclusive Guide] How to Bring Affiliate Sales in 2020?

[Exclusive Guide] How to Bring Affiliate Sales in 2020?

July 3, 2020 6 By Buy On Social

If you are a new affiliate marketer and fresher in this field! Then here you are in the right place. Actually, here we will provide you with the best guide on affiliate marketing. If you are not getting your first sales, then this article will help you a lot.

Well, it’s not an easy thing to generate sales in affiliate marketing within a few days of starting your online business. But, if you follow some steps and strategy, then it will be elementary for you to generate the very first sale.

Yes, here we will provide you with the best guide and ultimate knowledge on this topic. So, without delay, let’s start the journey of generating the initial sales in affiliate marketing in 2020.

Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models in the world. If you are looking to make a decent amount of money through your blog, then affiliate marketing would play a significant role.

Well, if you are starting an affiliate website, then you have to look into several parameters and work on a strategy to generate the sale. Here, we will tell the plan that you have to follow to make sales and how to use social media in doing this job.

Strategies behind Affiliate Marketing

If you follow these strategies and adequately implement these, then you will surely get a quality result. And, within a few months of starting your affiliate marketing, you will get to earn $500-$1000. Just to have to understand these tricks and implement it properly;

Deliver Value with Quality Content

It’s the most crucial step that you have to follow to generate a decent amount of money. Yes, ‘Content is the King,’ you have to work on a problem-solving product. Don’t focus on money. Just you have to focus on solving the problem.

Money is just a by-product. If you believe in providing quality service to the user, then you will get to earn an impressive amount of money. So, only focus on quality content creation on which visitor can trust.

Well, always try to write content in easy and straightforward with understandable language. This helps in massive engagement. If you are not habituated in proper content creation, then you can simply hire any content writer. In India, you will get a decent quality content writer within 50 PPW to 1 Rs.

Yes, your writing tune needs to be proper. If you write any content on an appropriate and conventional tune, then it will grab the attention of the user. If you properly go through this content, then you will get to understand it.

Include Product Image and Infographics in the Content

Image is something that plays a psychological game. If you place the image in the content, then it will help in grabbing the attention of the user. So, we strongly recommend using images of the product within the content.

Well, if you know to customize images and build-up proper infographics, then it will surely help you to get extra advantages. Yes, with infographics, you can deliver massive data without using so many words. So, it acts very effectively to get a huge sale.

You can make this image or directly copy the product image from the sales sites by giving credit to them. So, you should implement this trick to get an impressive result. Well, if you have not any experience in making the best and catchy infographics, then you can go to Canva and use it to get the best picture.

Otherwise, you can take help of an infographics expert with monthly basis payment cycle. Those infographics will also help you in getting a significant engagement on social media and generating the sales as well.

Create Shortened URLs for Affiliate Redirect

It’s also one of the best tricks to generate affiliate sales. It makes those URLs very easy in the appearance of the affiliate products. Well, they’re a lot of tools are available that you can use to create shortened URLs.

If you are promoting Amazon’s product then in Amazon built-in link shorter present. You can simply use that link-shortened to short your URL or transfer the HTML code to URL.

Well, one prop tip is that always place those affiliate link with No-Index tag. This will not encourage the search engine to index. It will help in developing your SEO health of the site. So, you can simply use this tip to get the best result.

Promote Catchy and Attention-Grabbing Offers

It’s a great tip to generate initial affiliate sales. You can promote catchy and attention-grabbing offers. If you do so, then you will surely get the most effective result. At the time of promotion of your link across the social media make a catchy line.

If you use Free, Discounts, Exclusive Offers and other attention-grabbing words, then it will surely help you in improving the sales. Yes, you can promote the products at the time of specific festivals. If you do so, then it increases the probability of sales.

If you are looking sales from India customers, then try to advertise your product or run an ad campaign at the time of Diwali offer, Dusara offer and big billions day so and so. At that time it will be very easy for you to get a massive amount of sales.

One important thing is image selection. Always try to select the best and specific images. If you use infographics, then you will surely get a quality result.  Infographics can deliver massive data by using a minimum number of words about the product.

Social Sharing and Optimize your Social Media Accounts

Social media is something that can bring a considerable number of sales. For a digital marketer, a social media account is a weapon of earning a substantial amount of money. But, yes, it’s an important thing to work on your social media account to develop. So, you have to give a professional look to your account.

It will help you to get a professional look. If you want to build-up your own branding, then you have to work your social media optimization.

A lot of social media platforms are present, but here we will name some of them. If you work on them and develop those accounts properly, then you will surely get a massive result from those accounts. But, yes, you have to customize those accounts by investing your time.


Facebook is the social media giant with billions of users. So, here you will get a massive audience. If you develop your Facebook account properly, then you will get the best result from there.

Well, on Facebook you can promote the direct link and a lot of groups are there. You can improve your link and content on those sites. You will surely get some initial sales by promoting your links on those groups.

If you want to reach out to your targeted audience, then you can take help of the Facebook Ads. You can sales your products by targeting the user. Yes, here you have to invest money to get a quality outcome. If you have proper idea about Ads targeting then you can do this your own otherwise you can take help of a Facebook Ads Expert.


Pinterest is also one of the best platforms to promote your products. You can simply choose it to get a quality result. Yes, once again, like Facebook here also you have to invest your time and optimize this account properly.

You have to build up your follower base and continually working on it and build up a massive number of audiences. Repeat this for 3-4 months and get a huge audience. After that, you will start to get traffic on your site through Pinterest.

In Pinterest maximum number of users belongs from the USA. So, here you will get a massive warm audience who has enormous money. So, it will surely help you to generate your initial sales.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is also one of the largest sources of getting quality traffic. If you have a niche based Instagram business account, then it will help in generating your sales.

Yes, it’s not a cup of the team to build up a massive audience on Instagram. Here, also you have to work on it and optimize it. If you get initial 10k followers within a year, then your audience level will increase rapidly.

You can monetize your audience and show your product from there you will surely get some initial sales. Well, if you want to target your audience, then you can go with Instagram Ads Campaign. Through this, you can explore your product in the International market.

Closing Thoughts…

Here, we have provided you with the best and decent guide on how to bring affiliate sales in 2020. If you follow these tips, then you can develop your blog within a short time, and it also helps you to get affiliate sales as well.

Well, I hope you like this entire data. If you like, then don’t forget to hit the sharing button. Stay tuned for the next update and thanks for reading.