How To Find The Best Doctor For Gynecomastia In Bangalore?

How To Find The Best Doctor For Gynecomastia In Bangalore?

October 12, 2020 128 By mindmingles

Gynecomastia is a problem that almost every male suffers at a certain point of time in their life. It is not a deadly disease that you should be fearful about. However, medical attention is important as it can cause several other problems. There are various doctors and hospitals available in Bangalore which can be helpful in treating gynecomastia. However, finding the best doctor for gynecomastia treatment is quite a tough task.

But you do not need to worry, we will help you in finding the best doctor for gynecomastia in Bangalore through this blog. Moreover, it is important for you to understand gynecomastia, its causes, symptoms and the best treatment options. Because, based on all these factors, you can choose the best doctor as well as the best treatment for your problem very wisely. 

So What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition in males in which their breasts swell up. The primary cause of this problem is hormonal imbalance. Study suggests that 1 in every 3 males suffer from this problem in India. Gynecomastia can develop during childhood, puberty, or older age (after the age of 60), which can be a normal change. Larger breasts create public embarrassment and also lead to mental discomfort in males. This problem can be treated by different lifestyle changes but the most effective treatment is surgery. Advanced surgical technique and extreme expertise are required for the treatment of gynecomastia.

There are various conditions that contribute to the formation of gynecomastia. This includes hormonal changes, antibiotics, anxiety medications, alcohol and drugs, liver failure, chemotherapy, anabolic steroids and some HIV medications such as efavirenz also known as sustiva. Symptoms of gynecomastia include swelling of breasts, pain or tenderness in breasts, discharge from one or both the nipples as well as increase in the size of the areola. 

How To Find The Best Doctor For Gynecomastia In Bangalore?

There are several doctors who treat gynecomastia in Bangalore. But to find the best one, you should keep a few things in your mind as they can help you in deciding if a particular doctor is best-suited for you or not. Below are the things that you should seek in a doctor to make sure that he/she is the best doctor for gynecomastia treatment. 

Board Certification

It is extremely important that the surgeon has the required credentials in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Also, make sure that the doctor possesses the necessary board certification required to perform surgery for gynecomastia. It is also important for you to ensure that the facilities that the doctor offers  are properly accredited, which means it follows strict standards of using equipment, safety, staffing as well as surgeon’s credentials. 

Skill And Experience Of Doctor

A well experienced doctor has a better idea about where to make the incisions so that they are not easily available once the surgical procedure is completed. Also, have a look at before and after photos of the doctor’s patients to have an overall idea of his/her expertise. Do check the track record of the doctor as well. If possible, speak to other patients, listen to their testimonials and go through the google and practo reviews. 

Relationship With Doctor & Hospital Staff

Being comfortable with the doctor is another crucial point to keep in mind while finding a best doctor for gynecomastia in Bangalore. It is important to have a good relationship with the doctor so that you will be able to discuss what exactly you are looking for. Below are the questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a doctor.

  • Is the hospital staff helpful and friendly?
  • Am I able to spend time with the doctor and hospital staff?
  • Am I able to trust the doctor with the safety of the whole procedure?
  • Am I able to ask the doctor any questions that I want to be answered?
  • Do I feel awkward while sharing my medical history and habits with the doctor?

Aesthetic Sense Of Doctor 

An experienced and skilled doctor knows where to make the incisions so that no visible scars are left after the recovery is complete. You can also ask the doctor for their patients before and after photos to check their aesthetic sense. Look at the before and after photos of the patients and also compare these pictures with those of other doctors and decide which results appeal you the most. Another thing you should consider is consistency. Check and ensure that the doctor is consistent in providing the desired results to their patients during the entire surgical treatment of gynecomastia. 

Behaviour Of Doctor

The doctor should take your feelings and overall well beings into consideration too. The doctor should be caring, empathetic as well as compassionate. Also, whenever you feel skeptical about the treatment or its results, the doctor should be able to pump you up with confidence. 

In your search of finding the best doctor for gynecomastia in Bangalore, look for the following red flags to avoid permanent damage:-

  • Lacks sufficient experience.
  • Fails to promise desired results.
  • Does not show you enough respect or courtesy.
  • Cuts you off in-between or dodges your queries.
  • Offers additional procedures that you do not need.
  • Bargains with consultation fees or treatment expenses.
  • Does not give proper knowledge of post-operative care.
  • Does not explain the risks associated with surgery properly.
  • Dismisses the request of showing before and after photos of the patients.

Ask These Question To Doctor

It is possible that you get blank during the first consultation. Following are some common questions that you can ask your doctor whenever you visit him/her. These questions will also help you in having an overall idea of the above-mentioned skills that you should seek in a doctor. 

  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Are the aesthetic boards certified?
  • Are the surgical equipment up-to-date?
  • Do you rely on a certified surgical facility?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Will the procedure be performed in your office or at the hospital?   
  • What is the number of surgeries that you have completed successfully?   
  • Do you have any before and after photos of other patients whom you have treated?
  • What is the total expense of gynecomastia treatment? Does it include hospitalization cost, anaesthesia fees and other additional cost?

If you keep the above tips in mind, finding the best doctor for gynecomastia in Bangalore becomes easier. Pristyn Care has doctors whose qualification and successful experience speaks volumes. They provide realistic expectations to the patients so that they are happy and satisfied with the results. To get the best doctor for gynecomastia in Bangalore, you can also contact Pristyn Care.