Education WordPress Theme – MasterStudy

Education WordPress Theme – MasterStudy

June 24, 2020 63 By Sambit

Building your own education-oriented website on WordPress from scratch is a task of a grand scale. It almost makes you give up on the idea altogether because of the incredibly convoluted and/or inconvenient layout that many WordPress themes coerce you to play with. For uninitiated people that don’t really jive with programming that much this is a huge hurdle. Not being able to convey any enlightening material to the knowledge-hungry audience simply because of the uninspired and lackluster functionality of the theme is unfortunate.

Don’t put on that face of dejection just yet! With Masterstudy Education WordPress theme, you can reinvigorate your website anew!

Masterstudy offers a WordPress theme that uncoils the intricacies and complexities while also delivering an unprecedented amount of functionality.

Controlling your website’s looks is as easy as clicking and dragging your mouse cursor across the screen. No programming knack is needed to create a compelling and thrilling interface of your creative genius. Everything is approachable, easily digestible, and snappy.

With the stupendously big selection of available LMS Demos to fit the niche and idea that is specific to your vision, you can be certain that finding exactly the education LMS Demos you need won’t be an issue. LMS Demos already includes the required plugins and instruments so that even more burden will be shouldered for you by Masterstudy Education theme.

Masterstudy stands out from the flock of similar WordPress themes as being both reliable and fast. With the constant surge of updates, there are always new features introduced and old ones updated.

To no surprise then is the fact that Masterstudy’s theme is both snappy and responsive without any skimming or displacement of the content regardless of the device you are using. This allows you to maximize your audience outreach and accessibility.

Masterstudy is optimized to work flawlessly and swiftly with an outstanding loading score on GTMetrix so that every visitor of your website will have smooth browsing experience.

Masterstudy plugins list is vast and includes relevant and helpful tools to facilitate and improve your website’s interactivity. These are: The Gradebook, Online testing, Assignment add-on, Point system add-on, and Google Classroom add-on to name a few.

These will be of great help in diversifying your visitors’ experience and providing them with engagingly helpful plugins to keep them interested longer. Especially with remote learning becoming exponentially bigger, integrated Google Classroom experience will be an unconditionally valuable add-on to have.

On the topic of diversity, Masterstudy provides a unique opportunity to spread the word in a different set of languages without a hint of the problem. With 100% compatible WPML plugin, translating a website into any language is an easy and fast process.

Customer support is an inseparable part of every service experience ever. As such, Masterstudy values your time and money spent to bring to you 24/7 Support with Live Chat that will help you with every issue you might encounter in the process. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the stuff you don’t understand or you are willing to know more about. Masterstudy customer support is always there to ensure your satisfaction.

Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme provides an exceptional opportunity for educational websites to maximize their user’s experience and bring their site’s interactivity to a whole new height.