Common But Harmful Mistakes That You Are Doing While Auditing Your Site For SEO

Common But Harmful Mistakes That You Are Doing While Auditing Your Site For SEO

July 1, 2020 12 By Buy On Social

Search engine optimisation is leveraged to improve the quality of web traffic. And, SEO audit analyses web page structures and determine whether or not your website comply with the standards required to rank higher on the SERP. Implementing SEO audit services will help in highlighting the areas where you are lacking and help you improve those aspects in an effective and timely manner. There are different SEO audit mistakes, and below are some of the prominent ones –

Content Duplication

Content should be unique; you don’t need to copy-paste other blogs or articles. Put research-based content that is fresh because Google only gives value to unique and relevant content.

So if you want to rank higher, start curating fresh content. You do not have to stuff your website with a lot of content; instead, take your time, research unique topics and build the quality of your site.

Segmented Approach to SEO

SEO and marketing need to work together, which is not often the case. When these teams do not communicate with each other, they end up providing different experiences, which may confuse the target audience.

A better approach towards your SEO is to consider the entire user experience from a marketing campaign to actual conversion. This is the most common problem found in SEO audit services.

Caught in SEO Trends

SEO audit services reveal that businesses are running to follow trends to rank higher merely. This means that they are spending minimum to no time in being distinctive and providing something unique to the clients.

Having a bespoke approach can make your content better, readable, compelling, and informative. While it is important to keep up with the trend, you should also work towards making a unique identity.

Bad Accessibility and Ambiguous Goals

Content is important, but the format of the site is equally important. Sites that have no definite structure and are poorly organised can give a headache to your site visitors. Poorly structured sites can deter visitors. This is one of the common mistakes revealed by SEO audit service.

It’s not only the customers who will face problems in decoding the poorly structured site, but search engines will also not be able to rank the value of your site’s page if they are not organised properly.

Excessive Usage of Technical Jargons

To pique the attention of customers, companies tend to go overboard with technical jargons that are not good for their business. People who are not aware of such technical terms are going to find your content perplexing. This will drive them to your competitors’ website. So ensure that your content is straightforward and informative.

Hiding the Pricing

One of the other common mistakes revealed by SEO audit service providers is the lack of clear price mentioning on the website.  If you are promoting your products or services, people would expect to know the price of your offering.

Websites often make the mistake of not mentioning the prices, which makes the customers frustrated. Revealing the price of your products and services can help them in saving the time of the sales team, increase transparency in communication, and make business becomes more trustworthy.

Taking a reliable SEO service will help in highlighting the problems your website and allow you to make rectifications in order to boost the search engine rankings. For people still wondering, which service provider to opt for, here is a little help. Infidigit, an SEO audit service provider could be your best bet here. Their extensive technical SEO checklist of 250 pointers, will help you fix all your site issues with a boost in search engine rankings too.