Cake in The String Of Words

Cake in The String Of Words

August 25, 2020 188 By mindmingles

Cake is something that people love to gallop and to celebrate with. From Birthday parties to small celebratory moments, Cake has made many occasions special and memorable. 

Like Cakes, Poetry is also an inseparable part of civilization. Poetry has the freedom to compare and contrast anything with anything. And so the Cakes are also in reach of poetry. 

Until today, you have tasted the Cake and felt its texture and scrumptiousness on your tongue. But today, you will read and feel the Cake. 

And for that, here are some strings of words with the touch of Cake in them.

”When I think of baking emotional and delicious dish with my words,

I always parallel myself to a baker baking the Cake.’’

“With batter of emotions and frosting of rhymes,

With flavours of slangs and soft words like Enzyme,

Baked with my heated thoughts in the space of the Oven

Cake of my words is a Guilty Pleasure and Crime.”

“No one knows how to frost a bitter truth with sweet language and way of conveying than a poet.”

“Sometimes I feel like I run a Cake Shop because some find my words worthy enough to gallop in their minds and hearts and some condemn them like a broken cake.”

“A poet can express what’s baking inside,

A poet can even add flavours to the emotions,

But what a poet can’ do is to always bake 

Something as perfect as the Cake for the sake of society.”

“She thought of me as a soft cake which she can slice with her fake promises,

Unaware of the fact that I am an over-baked cake – Hard & Emotionless.’’

“You may never know the real face of a writer. There are several layers of emotions, just like the Rainbow Cake, which you slice to only reach the flat plate.”

“People love Vanilla, but I am the cake of Bitter Gourd Flavour.’’

“Why do I need to put my words according to the fake and poised society as I am not that part of the Cake which bakers put in the Glass Jar. I am that leftover batter which may be thrown away but never gets shaped from someone else’s point of view.” 

“You are the cream of my life,

I am the flavour of your’s,

You are the batter of my life,

I am the Enzyme of your’s,

You are the sugar of my life,

I am the sweetness of your’s,

You are the Oven of my life,

 I am the heat of your’s,

And together we are a heavenly-perfect cake.”

“Comparison of Poetry & Cake –

Poetry is to Live what Cake is to Birthday.

Poetry is to Emotions what Cake is to Desserts.

Poetry is to Writer what Cake is to Baker.

Poetry is to Heart what Cake is to Taste-Buds.

Poetry is to Imagination what Cake is to Fondant Icing.”

“My life is like a half-baked cake.”

“I promise you to always be the whipped cream for you.”

“When life gives you words, you make something like cake out of it.”

“One day I would love to fall on the bed of cakes.”

“Those who make fake promises, I compare them with a Broken Cake.”

“In this world full of lovers like Vanilla Cake, I want you to be the Chocolate Cake of my life.”

“I am Baking my love for you,

Would you love to decorate it with your’s?”

“When someone thinks of me as a tasteless dish,

I come out like the most delicious Cake.’’ 

“My poetry may sound soft like a cake, but the meaning is always hard as a rock.’’

“I am not the cake you think you can take a bite of.”

“Cover me up like the baker make the cake with whipped cream or else I will be as weird as the naked cake.’’

“Baking and Poetry are similar as both process the emotions into presentable and indulgeable things.” 

  • All of the above is a work of imagination by Aadi.

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