5 Mistakes Beginning Slots Players Make

5 Mistakes Beginning Slots Players Make

July 22, 2020 8 By mindmingles

As slots game provides high chance of winning massive rewards at the same time being remarkably easy to play, it has been able to attract plenty of casino enthusiasts. Players get tempted to hit its grand jackpot. But due to the temptation, they are likely to stumble hard. Especially the beginners tend to lose control in excitement of this thrilling game.

If you are a beginner, it is important for you to know the common mistakes players often make.

Read it to avoid it!

Overlooking Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bet4Plus – best online betting site in India provides different types of bonus for new and regular players. But not every casino has the same rules for bonus. To know about the condition, you must read the terms and conditions. And because people find it a waste of time and boring to go through terms and conditions, they overlook it in the slots too.

This is one of the most common mistakes players make in slots.

Some free spins may require high deposits and if you claim for the bonus without reading its condition, you may not get it because of the deposit that is not enough. At this case you may think as if it is a fraud.

Similarly, some type of bonus may ask for certain requirements when you want to cash out the winnings. At this time, if you are not aware of the conditions before hand, you may get into trouble. So, it is very important not to overlook bonus terms and conditions.

First read then claim!

Ignoring RTP

Online Slots Games offer RTP (Return To Player) to their players. They return some percentage of player’s investment if the player stays long in the game. If the RTP is 95%, you will get back $95 for your investment of $100 in the long run.

But most of the players tend to ignore it while choosing the game to play in online slots. You must immediately stop making this mistake.

Casinos do return the mentioned percentage to the player over the long term. So, it is wise to check the RTP percentage while checking the list of different kinds of slots games. And it is wiser to enter into the game that has higher RTP percentage.

Play Smartly!

Not Considering Volatility 

Slots come with different volatility levels (low, medium and high) with different frequency of payouts. So, before you begin playing, you must consider checking out for volatility.

If you have less budget and wish for low risk and frequent payout to play game for long time, slots with low volatility is suitable for you. The payout is low too.

But if the budget is high and you can take high risk for massive payouts, you can go for high volatility.

There is another option of medium volatility if you want to play between the high and the low.

Playing without considering these can cause you trouble when you do not understand the game strategy. So, it is essential to understand volatility and play according to your budget, time and risk-taking ability.

Play with plan!

Playing Irresponsibly without Bankroll Management

Anything new is exciting for anyone. But excitement must not be synonym to irresponsibility. And in casino, where anyone can easily get tempted, you must take proper care of this situation.

Beginners tend to play slots games in excitement and without bankroll management. So, they invest a lot of money while getting carried away by the thrill. 

This is one of the major mistakes that beginners must avoid.

You should always have a plan of bankroll management and set a proper limitation. If not, you may lose a lot of money without even realizing it.

Play responsibly!

Believing on Winning Strategy Claims

Beginners are likely to think much about cracking the codes to beat the casino. So, they go on for the research on winning strategies for the best live casino games. But you must know that there is no such winning strategy.

Slots games are completely based on chance. The resulting numbers and symbols are generated by RNG (Random Number Generator). So, there is no strategy on manipulating the result. It’s mechanical and random.

Win or Lose, it’s your luck. So, it is a major mistake to believe anyone who claims that they have got the winning code.

Think Less and Enjoy More!


Though the slots games depend highly on your luck, making any mistake can cause trouble later. So, avoid these mistakes before and during the game so that you will worry less and enjoy more.