4 Leading Benefits of Network Management Systems

4 Leading Benefits of Network Management Systems

June 18, 2020 172 By Sambit

The security risks for organizations all across industries are growing exponentially, as the almost 54% of companies in operation have experienced at least one cyberattack that compromised the IT infrastructure and compromised sensitive data. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and 2019, the attacks created a breach left 50% of the U.S. population vulnerable and at risk. This year brings new focus to the need for most efficient and effective cybercrime defenses. Fortunately, server and application monitoring tools are improving and evolving as rapidly as new technology is emerging. There are several benefits to implementing a network management software this year.

Eliminate Network Downtime

When your network goes down, your productivity and security is threatened. The cost of a network that isn’t working is about $100,000 an hour, which is a steep price to pay no matter what the size of your business is. With network management tools, you are able to monitor your entire network from one dashboard. It becomes easier to visualize the problem, diagnose the origins and cause, then quickly fix it. You don’t need to deploy a force of IT professionals. You can have individual monitoring and addressing the system.

Grow Seamlessly

If your company is growing, the addition of new devices and IP addresses can become more complex and time-consuming. Your business needs to grow in order to be successful, and you can’t have IT issues holding your back. A network management system has the tools to integrate your new configurations and devices seamlessly, and it will continue to visualize all the endpoints. Growth isn’t a problem for management software.

Pinpoint Security Threats

With network management, you can get ahead of the threat of security attacks. Hackers are becoming more intelligent and developing their own tools to push past firewalls and IT defenses. Network management systems have the same evolution going on, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to track your networks baselines and immediately recognize the moment that baseline gets interrupted. Your areas of vulnerability will try to be exploited by a number of sophisticated methods, techniques, and tools, so instant response is crucial to defending against a hack or data breach.

Realize Inefficiencies

You may have been trying to tell the company about the need to upgrade certain services or devices, but you haven’t had the proof to convince them. Management systems make it easier to pinpoint which devices or areas aren’t operating properly, not only creating a productivity problem but also creating a potential security hole.

The size of your business matters little when it comes to the impact of a network management system. At the very least, it can provide a strong defense against cybercrime.