3 Ways to Become a More Responsible Driver

3 Ways to Become a More Responsible Driver

November 11, 2020 9 By mindmingles

Driving holds many dangers as over a thousand people die per year on Australian roads. Ensuring that your vehicle and your ability behind the wheel are uncompromised is essential to you and any traffic participant around. With poor skills and choices, lives are at risk. Below are a few recommendations to become a responsible driver.

Attend a Driving Course

Taking a course is one of the best ways to improve your abilities behind the wheel. Even if you have the experience, lessons exist that target specific driving skills.

Defensive Driving Course

A defensive course teaches you the best ways to handle your car while paying attention to other vehicles. The lessons will make you cautious and confident behind the wheel, ready to anticipate the actions of your fellow drivers.

The goal is to teach you how to avoid hesitating or acting with too much confidence in everyday hazardous situations.

Safer Drivers Course

The safer drivers course helps learner drivers to become a responsible driver and gain the necessary skills to reduce risks, anticipate hazards, and make better decisions while behind the wheel.

The course uses in-class activities and driving sessions with a coach to teach these valuable skills to help any learner be a more responsible traffic participant.

For parent’s trying to find something special for their teens this holiday season, this course is perfect. Completing the safety course will not only give parents peace of mind about their children being safe on the roads but will also teach invaluable lessons to drivers for a lifetime. 

Performance Driving Course

A performance driving course will teach you how to handle a car travelling at high speeds or in extreme conditions. You’ll learn to cause a spinout, take a sharp turn, and make other dangerous maneuvers.

You should hope never to use these skills in everyday driving. However, they are crucial in life-and-death situations where you have to take drastic action. The muscle memory gained during this course will fire up and save your life, even if your brain is slow to react.

Protective Driving Course

This professional course is for those of you who want to master the extreme protection measures while driving. The situations discussed here often go beyond road safety alone.

Protective driving is all about ensuring that you and the passengers stay unharmed. The course is ideal for bodyguards, bounty hunters, and anyone else who needs these expert skills.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Having your car in shape at all times guarantees that there is no room for any malfunction to cause an accident. 

Oil and Brake Fluid

Ensuring that your car is lubricated is a must. Without enough brake fluid, stopping will become more challenging, and in case you miss it entirely, the brakes won’t function at all. Having a mechanic check your brake fluid levels every few months will keep you safe.

Dirty motor oil or a lack of it can wear down your engine and cause it to stall. An unresponsive car is a dangerous malfunction you can very well avoid. 


Worn out tyres have less traction on the road, which increases the stopping time and reduces control when turning. Make sure to change your worn-out tyres regularly.

No Distractions

While it’s illegal, using your mobile device while behind the wheel is also potentially fatal. This distraction places both your and others‘ lives at risk. Be responsible and pay your full attention to the road to avoid accidents.

Don’t Risk Your Life

Your life is too important to risk by not taking the correct safety measures before going on the road. Follow our advice, and you’re less likely to cause harm to you and your loved ones. Driving lessons and safety driving courses are the best way to become a responsible driver and stay safe on the road.