2021 Guide to Office Safety Amidst COVID-19

2021 Guide to Office Safety Amidst COVID-19

April 23, 2021 155 By mindmingles

With the unprecedented COVID-19 virus in 2019, more offices realize how flawed their health and safety protocols are. However, with effective social distancing solutions and stronger safety procedures, we can combat any health or safety hazards in the workplace.

Workplace wellbeing goes beyond mere cleaning and disinfecting. It involves effective communication and signages to promote a healthy office culture for the pandemic and beyond.

That’s why we created this list to cover everything you need to know about a safe and sanitary work environment for your employees. 

Read on to find out how you can keep your office safe amidst the pandemic!

Follow CDC guidelines.

Before we dive into our tried-and-tested tips, it’s time to listen to the experts first. The CDC has released a detailed guide on how you can effectively disinfect workplaces. We narrowed down some key points that are worth noting from the CDC’s guideline:

  • Clean before beginning with disinfection. The CDC recommends opting for a detergent or cleaner that removes any particles that may carry any COVID-19 risks. Doing this will effectively reduce any viral parts before disinfection even begins.
  • Use disposable gloves, masks, and even a gown when cleaning. Follow the proper way to dispose of these upon cleaning. Throw them away in trash disposal immediately after.

Some EPA-approved disinfectants are included, so we highly recommend reading through the article to know which products to buy.

Social distancing measures are essential

Many companies have allowed office work to resume, thus stressing strict social distancing measures. Here are some ideas to promote social distancing in the workplace:

  • Limit the number of people who come to the office. You can use flexible hours or staggered shifts to prevent overcrowding in indoor spaces. 
  • Keep visitors to a minimum. We also recommend prohibiting personal packages from being delivered to the office. Unless it’s needed, don’t allow any non-employees to enter the workplace.
  • Update the office layout. You can leave one space in between desks, or put up acrylic partitions. Social distancing signages will even work for contactless reminders to keep apart. 

Communication and signages regarding COVID-19.

Prevention is the best cure. Good communication is one of the best ways you can combat the mental and physical hurdles of the virus. Reassure and support employees as they take on office work in the midst of a pandemic. 

We urge you to provide timely and transparent updates regarding your location. These included cases in your area and any other relevant information connected to the nature of your work.

Air circulation and ventilation systems.

Indoor air quality is essential to mitigating the risk of germs and diseases spreading in enclosed spaces. A 2017 study even proved that breathing better air leads to significantly better decision-making performance. 

Poor ventilation in enclosed spaces can be the culprit to the presence of many contaminants. Due to bad air not being expunged, it lingers in the room and may potentially harm employees.

Promote personal hygiene

Employers and employees need to work together to minimize the risk of infection and transmission. Individuals must recognize the role they play in the bigger picture. 

You may conduct an online seminar highlighting ways they can stay safe before resuming office work. This will equip them with the knowledge they need to stay protected and lessen contact with contaminants.

The office should also have a steady supply of hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. People will be more likely to use these if they’re always in reach. Encourage everyone to make it a habit to clean surfaces after coming in contact with it.

Following this guide will promote confidence in your staff as they navigate office life amidst the pandemic. Stay up-to-date with the latest safety protocols and continue to improve your safety standards in the office!