16 Essential Products and Tools For Everyday Cleaning

16 Essential Products and Tools For Everyday Cleaning

July 9, 2020 144 By mindmingles

Whether you are settling in to a new home or would like to give your house an upgraded look, there is no denying that cleaning and decluttering can be a big help. Read on to find about essential cleaning products and tools for your home.

However, it can be difficult to accomplish a spick-and-span if you do not have the necessary cleaning products and equipment.

Importance of Essential Cleaning Products and Tools

Having essential cleaning products and tools results in an organized and clean home.

For one, it allows you to save time to do your job. Second, it allows you to achieve your desired results.

Third, this could come in handy in case your house is too big that you need to hire professional home cleaners. That’s because you can let them use some of your preferred cleaning products.

That said, we have listed down 15 essential cleaning tools that you need to keep handy:

1. Sponge

Sponges are not only used to clean your dishes. Because of its wide variety, it can also be used to tackle grimy surfaces like your kitchen counter and sink, the bathroom wall, and other high-use areas where it is common to see oily fingerprints or handprints.

The only problem with synthetic sponges is that you will need to replace them at least once every two weeks. That’s because this can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria over time. Imagine passing those on to your utensils and cookware!

That said, if you are looking for something that won’t make that much impact on the environment, we recommend a plant-based walnut sponge or loofah.

2. Dish Towel

The thing with dish towels is that they are one of those multi-purpose cleaners that you can have.

You can use it to dry your newly washed dishes, wipe on wet surfaces, and you can hang one near the sink as a hand towel instead of ripping off and throwing paper towels every time you wash your hands.

Mind you, you do not necessarily have to buy a set of dish towels. You can make some out of old shirts.

3. Microfiber Cloths

Much like dish towels, microfiber cloths are also multipurpose. However, this is the best to use when cleaning spills or wet surfaces, as it is highly absorbent. Not to mention that it does not leave any scratch or steaks behind.

Plus, it is easy to clean. Just pop it in the laundry, and you are all set!

4. Scrub Brush

Here’s the thing: Your sponge, dish towel, or microfiber cloth is not always going to work. That said, it would be ideal to have a scrub brush.

This could come in handy when you are cleaning tough stains on tiles, tubs, and fixtures.

However, you do not always need to buy a new, heavy-duty scrubber. An old dish scrubber and any scrub with grip will do.

5. Multi-purpose cleaner

If there is one cleaning product that you should keep stock at home, that would be the multi-purpose cleaner.

From the name itself, this cleaning product can be used across many surfaces and ensures that you get great results.

However, you do not need to buy a commercially available multi-purpose cleaner. You can always make one from ingredients that you can always find at home.

That’s because the basic ingredients are one part white vinegar, one part water, and some lemon rind. Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle, give it a shake, and let it infuse for a week before using it.

WARNING: You should use an acid-base all-purpose cleaner on granite, as it can etch the stone.

6. Spray Bottles

Are you the kind who prefers to make her own cleaning solution? Do you often find yourself rinsing something off with water? Then a spray bottle is your best friend!

For one, it allows you to properly store your homemade cleaning solution. Not to mention that a spray bottle is easy to carry. So you can bring it wherever you are cleaning.

We recommend that you buy clear glass spray bottles since they can hold up to anything. Plus, you can buy them per piece or in multi-packs if you want to save up for multiple purchases.

7. Squeegee

If you want to keep your bathroom mold and mildew-free, a squeegee could come in handy. That’s because this is ideal if you want to have a crystal-clear mirror or window.

However, just like with any cleaning tool. You need to take care of your squeegee if you want to make the most out of it.

Protect your squeegee’s blade when using and storing. And once it is leaving streaks and marks, it is time to replace it.

8. Bucket

A nice bucket is not just only useful when you need a bucketful of soapy water where you can dip your mop. You can use it to store your cleaning materials and tools. Plus, you can carry it wherever you are cleaning.

Luckily, you can pick a nice and wide-rimmed bucket from the local hardware store. 

9. Vacuum Cleaner

Are you or someone from your family prone to allergies? Then you need to have a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

For one, it is good at sweeping away dust and pet hair, that are common allergens. Not to mention that it allows you to save time when cleaning, and making sure that your couch, bedding, or floor is dust-free.

10. Broom and Dustpan

Hard surfaces like wood, tile, or linoleum also need cleaning. And you will need tools like broom and dustpan to do so.

The best part? This duo is so versatile, you can use it to sweep off dirt and dust from any surfaces!

And if you live in a small apartment and you seldom make a mess, you can opt for a hand broom instead of a regular-sized broom. That way, it is more compact and easier to stow away.

11. Mop

In addition to broom and dustpan, it would be best to have a mop in your cleaning arsenal. This could come in handy, more so when you have kids or pets. That’s because they are prone to make spills unintentionally.

Plus, a dust mop or wet mop gives you more power to scrub off the grime from the floor.

12. Furniture Polish

Sure, you can buy or make an all-purpose cleaner. However, the ingredients in such cleaners are not ideal for furniture.

Hence, it is important that you also have furniture polish in your home. Not only do they smell lovely, but it allows you to bring out the shine in your wooden furniture. Hence, it gives your furniture a luxurious and shiny look.

13. Gloves

Even at Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC, we always advise our professional cleaners to wear gloves when cleaning. So, you should do so, too.

For one, it provides protection from whatever chemical-based cleaning products you will use. Second, it prevents you from transferring the grime and dirt from an item to your hands.

Thus, you get to work without having to worry about getting yourself contaminated. The result? You get to finish your cleaning tasks with ease.

14. Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes are a great “quick fix” when it comes to cleaning. More so when you are traveling, and you do not have your cleaning essentials with you.

You can use it to wipe messy surfaces. This can also be handy when you need to pick up hair and dust. And its single-use nature is ideal in reducing the risk of transferring germs and bacteria.

However, it is important to dispose of your used antibacterial wipes properly instead of flushing them in the toilet. You should also use them sparingly, as any single-use products have a negative impact on the environment.

15. Lint Roller

A lint roller is a must-have cleaning tool when you have a pet.

It is common among pet owners to see fur shedding on the couch, their clothes, and on the floor or carpet. And lint rollers can make it easy for you to pick up pet hair.

Mind you, this could also come in hand when cleaning a lampshade.

16. Feather Duster

A feather duster is an oldy-but-goody cleaning tool. That’s because it allows you to easily clean the top of the shelves and cabinets, which are prone to accumulating dust.

However, when removing dust using a feather duster, we advise that you start from top to bottom. Doing so prevents the dust from making a mess to the lower surfaces that you already cleaned.

Build Your Own Cleaning Kit

Here’s the thing: Having the right cleaning tools and products are less likely to do its job if it is not organized, practical, and easily transportable.

It is important that your cleaning products and tools are on hand, so you can save time when cleaning your house.

Luckily, it is really affordable to build your cleaning kit! You can start with the items we have listed on this post. Or focus on what you really need depending on the items that you have at home and how often it requires cleaning.