13 Tips for an Unforgettable Vacation!

13 Tips for an Unforgettable Vacation!

December 8, 2020 2447 By mindmingles

Did you know that over a 100 million Americans every year plan their vacation away from home? Yes, that is an alarming number indeed. Around 68% of families plan their yearly vacation during the summer season while 58% families travel abroad every year. With the culture of vacation gaining peak with every passing year it is only imperative to provide our readers with the top unforgettable vacation tips!

When it comes to traveling, there is no thing as perfection, especially on road trips. It isn’t about hiring a limo in Paradise NV or booking a bus tour around Manhattan New York; it is about watching the beautiful sunsets, getting to experience the culture and making lifelong unforgettable vacation memories.

The one surprising thing that can make any trip memorable is the unexpected detours and stopovers. You may come across a unique small café or an aesthetically built street. One must never get frustrated if something goes off plan.

Here are our top 13 tips that will help you enjoy the vacations of a lifetime. Stay with us till the end.

  1. Conduct a detailed research before getting on the road

Stats show that around 22% of the American families planned their unforgettable vacation as a road trip back in 2019. It was seen that among these families, the ones who did proper planning had the most memorable of times.

Road trips do require a certain level of research and homework to avoid any kind of frustration. Even though there is no need to plan out every single detail to the last minute of your trip, having a rough plan on paper will ensure a smooth trip.

Take a paper, pen down the route you would be planning to take for your road trip, a rough budget, number of days on the road and in motels, fuel costs etc. Watching a quick tutorial for a tire change wouldn’t go to waste either.

One great benefit of road tripping is that you do not need to be bound by a strict itinerary. You can stop by at any café on the road or take a quick picnic in a scenic park. 43% of families take a break at National Park while on the road and you wouldn’t want to miss out on such fun-filled stops either!

2. Plan out the route you wish to take

Everyone wants to go for the scenic route when out on the road however, the terrible reality is that you may be driving along the boring national highway for most of your trip. But you can still make it memorable and fun-filled by planning out breaks in beautiful stops. You would benefit from your research over here.

Believe it or not, the unforgettable vacation moments of your road trip would be your breaks at anchor stops such as any known landmarks or scenic places along the road. If you do your homework carefully, you can easily plan out picnics or keep cash aside for entrance tickets if you have to go to a park to avoid disappointment right on the spot. Mark your map with stops you are willing to take.


3. Never fall into the trap of over packing

Around 65% of the families take 1-3 night trips in a year. Packing too much for such short trips is not smart at all. So while packing, make a list of things you require and leave out the rest. If you fall into the trap of over packing you will end up with heavy bags and suitcases and unnecessary luggage. Make sure you limit it to one bag per person so that your luggage takes minimum space in the car, bus, train etc.

4. Search and note down the available medical facilities on your route and destination

Unforeseen emergency situations can arise anytime. So it is better to be prepared. You must list down all the available medical facilities along your route and on your destination. Always keep a copy of your prescription with you and get your medicines refilled before you leave your house. Also, keep your medical insurance in your wallet.

5. Pay and hire any required services prior to departure

If you are traveling by air then get your services arranged way before time. If you need to hire a limo for airport pickup, you must do it while booking your flight so that your arrival is smooth and hassle free. Also, inform the airport beforehand for any special assistance such as a wheel chair etc.

Around 25% American families plan their vacation via an agency, this is ideal because the agency takes care of all special needs and required services.

6. Compile your favorite playlists

Music is a great companion during vacation and traveling. It makes the journey memorable and unforgettable vacation while keeping your energy levels up throughout the trip. Update your playlist on your phone or iPod by adding all the latest songs or trendy relaxing music. Never rely on YouTube or SoundCloud, if you get stuck with no internet, your life will be hell.

7. Keep some podcasts on your device

In addition to your music playlist, adding some podcasts on your device would be great. They will help you take a break from music on long road trips. You can download podcasts to learn new things or listen to updates on trending topics. You can also download podcasts guiding you about your destination and sightseeing places.

8. Always carry enough cash while traveling

Many picnic spots, small cafes and local restaurants do not have the credit or debit card machines. If you wish to avoid an embarrassing situation, remember to keep some cash with you. You may also need cash to tip waiters, chauffeurs etc.

9. Load your hand bag with your favorite snacks

This is especially for the road trips. Pack a separate bag that contains favorite snacks of all your family members. In addition to the basic salted chips and nuts, add yoghurt, granola bars, fruits and boiled vegetables as well. You can make and store sandwiches or hot dogs as well. This will keep your stomach settled during your road trip and you will save money as well on restaurants and takeaways.

Even if you stop at convenience stores at gas stations, make sure you have a mix of healthy and junk snacks. Get carrots, corners, chips and other munching items. You can always keep a cooler in your car to store cans, water and smoothies.

10. Fill your tank up before leaving on your road trip

Prior to stepping foot on the road, get your tank filled up to full the night before traveling. You never know where and when you may be able to find a gas station during your journey. Even when on the road, if you find a gas station, it is best that you use it and keep your tank levels up. You do not want to be stranded anywhere in a remote place with your red light flickering in your face.

11. Do maximum traveling during the daylight hours

It is ideal to drive during the light hours of the day and stop at nights. If you leave early morning right after sunset you can avoid heavy traffic and get your energy charged up while resting during the nights.

12. Stay connected to the locals in the area

It is always ideal to stay connected to the locals in the area on food and restaurant recommendations. Locals always know what is best in town and would be affordable as well. Believe it or not you would seek maximum benefits from the locals in the area.

13. Take a break whenever you get a chance

The main advantage of planning road trips over other types of trips is that you do not have to be bound by your airport schedules, flights and tickets. Whenever you get a chance or feel tired, you can take a break. Enjoy the anchor stops, attend the washrooms or simply relax your legs by stopping your car and walking around.