13 Christmas Marketing Ideas You Must Try This Holiday Season

13 Christmas Marketing Ideas You Must Try This Holiday Season

October 29, 2020 3 By mindmingles

In December, you provide a guide for your customers to celebrate Christmas and help them spend the holiday in a new way. Kids can dream of the presents, but there is only one approach for a retailer that deals during the Christmas season, Sales graph. And with the Christmas holiday season making time for so many small businesses, there are a few Christmas marketing ideas which you can follow. Now the biggest question is how to further increase Christmas retail sales and potentially exaggerate their graph.

To do this, though, you have to take potential customers to your store. With a little effort and some ease, it’s not hard to think of you. With more than two weeks left until Christmas, it’s time for business owners to plan their final marketing strategy for the holiday season.

Many retailers, after Christmas, used to cut prices to reduce excess stock. So Christmas day is the best time to sell products and be the most profitable. Since every business owner already knows this, it creates a very competitive environment in the final weeks before Christmas.

Here are some Christmas marketing ideas that can help business owners get buyers’ attention through the Christmas season.
  1. Introduce a Christmas Guide of Checklist

Creating a Christmas celebration guide (which can be included in your product) to help your audience have a great Christmas not only creates meaning for your audience, but also generates revenue for you. For example, plan a checklist or handbook that contains products from your store and display them in with additional information. Once your reader feels like this is a product he/she must have for this Christmas, he will definitely give your product a try.

  1. Deals can steal the Buyers’ heart

Offer a great deal one day. Big discounts (25% or more) on any popular item every day to carry Christmas shoppers. If you have a well-known brand of trade or special items that people are looking for, it’s a good way and it will work for you better. But if you are a new startup, promoting your small business with a lot of deals will help you grow your audience.

  1. Giveaway

Another way to plan your Christmas marketing activity is offering a giveaway on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or other social channels. This strategy is a perfect way of grabbing a bunch of audiences in a single post update. For example, you can offer a gift of stockings to someone who fulfills the requirement to enter the lucky draw and wins after running the draw.

  1. Make it an exception

In a recent trip, a retailer offered a free pair of socks that cost more than 30 in their store on its pre-Christmas sale three days ago. But what if you feel like you have enough stockings and you can make it a great deal for customers to avail?

  1. Offer Free or less delivery charges

As shown in studies, shipping is a major concern for almost every online customer. This concern is emphasized during the holidays because people need items from a specific date. On this occasion, free shipping alone might not be enough. Free shipping will lead to items arriving in January, and this could be a bargain breaker for holiday buyers. Just the way assignment writing service is offering very reasonable charges for a hard copy of research papers.

  1. Announce last minute sales

While this can be an additional cost to the retailer, there are many benefits to offering free expedited shipping (2-3 days) to customers. Especially if they buy more than a certain dollar amount in the product. Rapid shipping costs off the trade at an additional cost to retail for food. But takes the sale in the highly competitive, last-minute shopping market, free expedited shipping, and pre-Christmas guaranteed arrival.

  1. Advertisement

The ads are for use in most situations, but the holidays create an environment where they are viewed by more people and are more useful than at any other time of the year. People physically roam through malls, shopping malls and retail districts in search of gifts. Being able to show them ads about generous discounts that are close by can help increase store traffic and sales.

  1. Create an event

As I write this, the Business Group in my city is hosting the Moonlight Madness event. Fire-fighters, magicians and musicians will perform and, of course, will visit Santa. Families in downtown have all kinds of free entertainment – and as an all-city business, there are plenty of opportunities for Christmas shopping until midnight and special sales. If there is no such thing in your city then your small business can take part in it this season, what are the benefits of this opportunity next year? You have nothing to avoid holding an event of your own. The challenge is to create an event that will somehow track your product or service.

  1. Discounts

People are shopping for weeks now, and they will be more careful about how they spend the rest of their money. They need to buy a number of gifts with X dollar amount so they are looking for an end time business. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a case of lack of money with businesses and loyalty programs by using the brand as an incentive for the loyal customers to spend a little money with their favorite retailer.

  1. Increase advertising budget

One last thing retailers should keep in mind is that they will need to significantly increase their budget during the final weeks of the holiday season. It’s not just that you want the ad to be seen by more people, without saying it. During the holidays, more and more people are trying to advertise on online channels. And despite the size of the Internet, there are a whole number of places where ads can be used, and a lot of competition for those places. This means that out of the door, an ad performed at a certain level during the holidays, which has increased the budget, will see less result. And since business owners want to see their ads perform better than usual during the holidays, budgets need to be increased. These last weeks are the last chance to make such an adjustment in the budget and this is something some business owners should consider.

  1. Use email campaigns

Social media is a hot selling tool but email is effective. “Despite the viral potential of social media, email still wins as the most destructive method for accessing your customers and wearing your customers,” says Neil Patel, founder of QuickSprout.

This explains why, according to McKinsey, email marketing is three times more effective than email marketing. Media, and the average customer order is 18% higher.

Hope you already have an email newsletter out there. This is an ideal opportunity to promote products or services that you are highlighting in the Christmas season and spread the word about any sales or events.

  1. Create an eye-catching window display

Take advantage of the extra toe traffic during the holiday season, using eye-catching, toe stop Christmas window displays. Adding your product to your display is great if you can manage it. But what a great thing about Christmas windows displays you shouldn’t be. Just imagine someone passing by your shop gets sight of your new Christmas stock toys and ornaments that have been hanging in the window to display with lots of fairy string lights? I think it’s a perfect Christmas Marketing Ideas to attract the juniors.

A fully Christmas landscape display can work well. What you want is something unique that will attract the eye. And adding some kind of movement can really scare the crowd. One of the most successful Christmas marketing ideas displays involved me in a train that ran around a track.

  1. Use proximity marketing

Many shoppers are fitted to their phones so that they can walk right through their store to see it. But using proximity marketing, in which you target phones within a certain distance, such as smart antennas, you can get these buyers into them and encourage them to buy.

Offer personalized offers to motivate. The smart antenna is particularly appealing because it runs via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and potential customers don’t need to download an app from Amazon or eBay.


So these were 13 Christmas marketing ideas you can use to get more customers to your customers during the holiday season so you can take them to more Christmas sales. There is no reason why all of them may not be part of your Christmas season marketing plan. But remember whatever you do to create your Christmas retail burn, you must get the word out in your target market about what you have to do. Send advertising email, place your ads, use social media, and create attractive window displays outside or indoor, offer discounts, and much more. Don’t let this Christmas season be a retail non-event for your business because you didn’t invite your customers to your store. Once you succeed in having a good number of audiences on your page, website or account store. It is more likely to win a lot of purchases and return customers. In addition to these tricks, keep updating your plans and marketing strategies every year on the Christmas fall.