10 Best Places to Visit in Char Dham of Uttarakhand

10 Best Places to Visit in Char Dham of Uttarakhand

March 1, 2021 2 By mindmingles

Our tour of Char Dham is inclusive of all the spiritual destinations in four of the most important religious places for Hindus. Our first stop in all our tours is Haridwar which is another destination with great religious significance. We ensure that people are taken to see all the important places of Haridwar. One of the best things that we ensure that our guests must see is the glorious Ganga Aarti held at HarKiPauri.

Apart from these important places we also take our guests to such important destinations like Rudraprayag, Joshimath, Rishikesh etc. These places also have enormous religious significance and visit to them is no less important. We understand the feelings that people have towards these revered placesand therefore we ensure that your trip to Char Dham is wholesome and you get to see all the important areas and not be confined just to Char Dham.

As soon as the tourists set their foot in Delhi they are approached by our executive and are therefore our responsibility. Each and every package of ours is so managed that our guests do not feel slightest of inconvenience while they are with us.

We take appropriate rest in between the tours and never push our guests along. Instead we give ample time to our guests so that they can pay obeisance to their revered deity to their content and return home satisfied.

Avail any of our packages which you find to be most suitable and you can be rest assured that your dream of visiting the Char Dham in Uttarakhand would become a reality and that too without costing you much. Avail our services now and allow us to serve you for a noble cause.

The entire team of our company keep themselves engaged in designing some amazing travel plans and Chardham Yatra tour packages are our most sought and sold packages. We offer several packages for this spiritual Yatra and that too at very reasonable rates.

The days had gone a long back when the devotees used to cover the hugely elevated shrines on barefoot which was pretty difficult for a senior citizen and physically unfit person. Now Chardham Yatra by helicopter has taken Uttarakhand tourism a notch higher as it has made this physically taxing and very challenging journey an easy and convenient one.

If you are willing to embark on this divine journey and budget is not your concern then you must check out the customized and affordable deals of helicopter service and enjoy witnessing the impeccable beauty of the magnificent Himalaya along with attaining incredible spiritual experience by visiting the holy sites of the circuit.

A brief about all the important destinations falling in our trip is briefly talked about below.

List of 10 Tourist Places to Visit during Char Dham Yatra

  1. Badrinath


An important religious center for Hindus, Badrinath is the highly revered by them as it happens to be one of the most eminent destinations of Vishnu worshippers and is the pilgrimage where Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand concludes. The place falls in Uttarakhand state and is situated near Alaknanda River at a height of about 3133 meters. Our trip takes the devotees to all the important religious places in Badrinath and ensures that that their trip to this holy town is a success.

  1. Kedarnath


A highly revered destination for Hindus, Kedarnath is popular world over for the ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Perched on a height of 3584 meters, the place offers some of the most breathtaking views of nature. With our executives as guides you can be rest assured that your trip to Kedarnath would be a success.

  1. Yamunotri


The source from where river Yamuna originates, Yamunotri is one of the important destinations in Char Dham. Located at a height of 3293 meters above sea level, Yamunotri is close to Indo-china border. Though the path to famous Yamunotri temple is difficult, yet with us as guides you need not bother and be rest assured that your trip would be a success.

  1. Gangotri


Gangotri is the source from where river Ganga emanates. Located at a height of 3048 meters above sea level, the place is very important for Hindus. We try our best to take you to all the spiritual places in Gangotri and make your trip to the place successful. This annual pilgrimage invites millions of tourists every year from different parts of the world.

  1. Haridwar


Though it is not one of the destinations in Char Dham yet the place enjoys supreme importance amongst Hindus. Haridwar not only has a number of important religious places to its credit but it also organizes a number of important religious fairs. It is because of its importance for devotees that we include Haridwar in our trip to Char Dham.

  1. Rishikesh


Another important destination in our trip to Char Dham, Rishikesh is not part of Char Dham. Its importance amongst masses however, means that we simply cannot ignore this important destination and included it in our tour. Reckoned as the “Yoga Capital of the world”, Rishikesh is one of those places where one gets to meet their inner soul through meditation and can also learn how to perform yoga.

  1. Harsil


One of the most preserved wonders of the Himalayas; Harsil is situated within a walking distance of almost 25 minutes from Gangotri Dham. Endowed with snowbound mountain peaks and lush green valleys, this beautiful hamlet happens to be one of the most famous places to visit on your Chardham Yatra. The idol of Goddess Ganga is shifted here after the main gate of the shrine gets closed.

  1. Guptkashi


Tucked at a distance of 47 km from the Kedarnath Dham, Guptkashi is a spiritually significant town that boasts of several ancient temples like Ardhnareshwar Temple and Vishwanath Temple. Despite being famous as a religious site, the hamlet attracts tourists with its impeccable scenic vista and picturesque landscapes. Additionally, besides visiting the temples one can indulge themselves in doing shopping.

  1. Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal

Nestled at the huge elevation of 4328 meters above the sea level and 5 km away from Kedarnath, Vasuki Tal is one of the most preferred destinations for adventure seekers. This crystal clear lake looks super stunning when the melting water falls down into this lake. The lake has been named after its shape resembling the structure of Vasuki that is coiled around the neck of Lord Shiva.

  1. Auli


Falling en-route Badrinath Dham, Auli is situated near Joshimath and happens to be one of the most stunning hill stations in Uttarakhand. Tucked beautifully at a huge altitude of almost 2500 meters above the sea level, Auli is a famous skiing destination where travelers from all across the globe flock to take part in several adventure activities. One can capture the stunning views of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat, and Kamat from here.

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